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October 05, 2018

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The CW is known principally as a home for superheroes and the supernatural, but sometimes, it goes a different way. It's done so with such shows as "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" and "Dynasty," and another example is prolific producer Greg Berlanti's drama "All American." Premiering Wednesday, Oct. 10, it tells the fact-inspired tale of Spencer James (portrayed by Daniel Ezra), a star athlete who effectively enters a new world when a high-school football coach (Taye Diggs) lures him from Los Angeles' South Central district and brings him to play in affluent Beverly Hills. To make the transfer official, Spencer has to move in with the coach and his family, but not everyone is happy about the newcomer's arrival ... including the coach's son (Michael Evans Behling), who also happens to be the team's existing quarterback and isn't eager to see his spot usurped. Navigating a new and privileged social circle also is a challenge for Spencer, whose interest in a classmate (Greta Onieogou) doesn't please her boyfriend (Cody Christian). The inspiration for "All American" is NFL veteran Spencer Paysinger, who played for several teams including the New York Giants (with whom he won Super Bowl XLVI), the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets before becoming a free agent. Berlanti reflects, "In this day, surviving two worlds ... I remember in high school, it was hard enough just to survive one. And coming out the other side of it with a Super Bowl ring always struck me as a hero's story, truthfully, yet it had all the heart and soul." Paysinger recalls that his switch of schools "was just a stark contrast of everything I had experienced since growing up in South Central, where I definitely had a gang influence. People might think that Beverly Hills shielded me from some problems, but in actuality, it only opened up a whole new can of worms – just dealing with kids with affluence (and) kids with drug problems, and having their parents not be there for weeks on end because they were vacationing or they were doing big business." Ironically, "All American" star Ezra is British, and he admits he's learning football as he goes in making the show: "American football is getting slightly more popular back in the U.K., but it's still brand-new. I grew up playing basketball and soccer, as you call it. I had to start right from scratch (for the series)." For Diggs, "All American" addresses much more than the game as it considers the fictionalized Spencer's different environments. "I think it's really great," he says, "how specific the writers are being with putting down everybody's experience and how similar we all are, no matter where we are from." BY JAY BOBBIN Cody Christian, Michael Evans Behling and Daniel Ezra (from left) star in "All American," premiering Wednesday on The CW. An 'All American' high-school football star joins the CW's lineup October 6 - 12, 2018 2 KINGSPORT (TN) TIMES NEWS cover story this week BY GEORGE DICKIE "Knute Rockne, All American" (1940) Pat O'Brien starred as legendary Notre Dame coach Knute Rockne in this biographical drama that's probably best remembered for the rallying cry "win one for the Gipper," a reference to dying Fighting Irish running back George Gipp (who was played by Ronald Reagan). "Brian's Song" (1971) A pre-"Godfather" James Caan shined as cancer-stricken Brian Piccolo in this touching drama about the relationship between the dying player and Chicago Bears teammate Gale Sayers (Billy Dee Williams). Sharp- eyed fans will notice appearances by then-Bears Dick Butkus, Mike Ditka, Jack Concannon and Ed O'Bradovich. "The Longest Yard" (1974) A sadistic prison warden (Eddie Arnold) enlists a former pro quarterback (the late Burt Reynolds) to organize a team of inmates to play a team of guards in this fine drama from director Robert Aldrich. "Remember the Titans" (2000) Denzel Washington was outstanding in this true story of an African American football coach and his attempts to integrate his high school's team in 1971 Virginia. "Friday Night Lights" (2004) H.G. Bissinger's book formed the basis for this drama about an economically depressed Texas town's heroic high school football team and its coach (Billy Bob Thornton), which was subsequently made into a series. "We Are Marshall" (2006) A college and a community rally around the Marshall University football program after a 1971 plane crash wipes out the entire team and coaching staff in this drama that's based on a true story. "The Blind Side" (2009) Sandra Bullock took home a best actress Oscar for her turn as a well-to- do woman who takes a homeless black teen under her wing and shepherds him to the NFL in this excellent drama from director John Lee Hancock. "The Longest Yard" "Knute Rockne, All American" "Brian's Song" BEST FOOTBALL MOVIES Cable Conversion Guide Charter Dish Network Direct TV WETP PBS 2 WCYB NBC 5 5 5 WATE ABC WBIR NBC WJHL CBS 11 11 11 WKPT MNT 6 20 19 WAPK MNT 182 36 36 WEMT FOX 10 39 39 WSBN PBS WLFG IND 8 68 68 AMC Am. Movie Classics 58 131 254 A&E Arts & Entertainment 46 118 265 BET Black Entertainment 60 124 329 BRAVO BRAVO 62 129 237 CMTV Country Music TV 68 166 327 CNBC CNBC 39 208 355 COM Comedy Central 65 107 249 CYB-CW WCYB-DT2 CW 4 28 6 DISC Discovery Channel 47 182 278 E! E! Entertainment TV 23 114 236 ESPN ESPN 31 140 206 ESPN2 ESPN2 32 143 209 FOOD Food Network 50 110 231 FOXFX FX 30 136 248 FOXSS FOX Sports South 37 420 646 FREE FreeForm 53 180 311 H&G Home & Garden 51 112 229 HIST History 44 120 269 ION ION Satellite 16 250 305 LIFE Lifetime 25 108 252 NICK Nickelodeon 55 170 299 PARMT Paramount Net. 64 241 241 SYFY SYFY 63 122 244 TBN Trinity Broadcast Net. 21 260 372 TBS WTBS 27 139 247 TLC The Learning Chan. 26 183 280 TOON Cartoon Network 56 176 296 TNT Turner Network TV 28 138 245 USA USA Network 29 105 242 WGN-A WGN America 18 239 307 DISN Disney Channel 54 172 290 HBO Home Box Office 518 300 501 HBO2 Home Box Office 2 520 301 502 MAX Cinemax 549 310 515 MAX2 More Max 551 312 517 SHOW Showtime 578 318 545 TMC The Movie Channel 598 327 553

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