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July 06, 2018

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July 7 - 13, 2018 10 JOHNSON CITY (TN) PRESS Did you plan to become as engaged with "Salvation" viewers on Twitter as you've been while the show is actually airing? It's different when you're on a show that you love working on. I've been on both sides of the coin, also working on something that's not really my kind of show. You can't always feel completely and utterly passionate about what you're working on, unfortunately; that's the dream, but it doesn't always go that way. I just love this show, though. It's fun, it's smart, it's engaging, and I love my character – so it makes me happy to see people react to it the way that I do. Your "Salvation" character Grace committed murder last season. How does that play out in the new episodes? She's not off the hook for it, but there are so many other problems that she has to deal with. (The victim's brother) comes in to investigate her death, so in the midst of chaos of everything that Grace needs to deal with on a daily basis, she's now being ... well, I wouldn't say "stalked," but "actively investigated." So many times, a character commits murder on television and two episodes later, it's forgotten – so I like the realness of this. She's a good person, and whether or not it was the right thing to do, it still haunts her. How is it to have your husband, Jonathan Silverman, also as a "Salvation" regular this season? We thought it would be a really fun thing to have him there. I'd bring the baby every day (Finnigan and Silverman are new parents), but when we were both there working, I'd do a scene and then we'd switch off (babystting) and he'd do a scene. The complicated days were when we had scenes together. There were a lot of nannies involved. Jennifer Finnigan OF 'SALVATION' ON CBS BY JAY BOBBIN BY GEORGE DICKIE How much fun is Tulip to play? A lot, because she runs the gamut of everything, really. I get to fight and I have really intimate scenes with Cass and Preacher, which really delves into like, I suppose, the true nature of our relationship, which I don't think they really – they sort of have doubts about usually. But I think she needs a bit more than that and so I think she gets the meat and the bones of how they are together. With Cassidy, it's more difficult because he eventually professes his love to her, which he obviously can't tell people yet. And in a way, she's relieved by that but in another way it's a bit too much to handle. So there's a sort of temporary severance in their relationship, which doesn't really get to be resolved. But maybe that's for Season 4. But with Jesse, they don't go into what happened but they do talk about their appreciation of one another, I suppose. And I suppose their relationship really is in the doing rather than the saying and I think we explore that quite well. How was it working with Betty Buckley this season? Oh, she's amazing, an absolute legend. We're so glad to have her. It was so brilliant and I couldn't imagine anyone else playing that part. And it was so brilliant working with her because she brings a gravitas and a needlepoint accuracy to everything she does that you can't help just do your best acting opposite her. OF 'PREACHER' ON AMC Ruth Negga THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Liam became concerned after finding a threatening message for Hope. Emma and Maya expressed unhappiness at the way Hope treated them. Bill gave Steffy the gift she always wanted. Ridge, Thorne and Liam discussed who might have threatened Hope. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Leo offered Sonny a chance to make the lawsuit disappear. Will and Leo went at it. Gabi was intrigued when she saw Kate and Stefan together. Leo's dream to become Sonny's spouse was dealt a blow. Abigail had a run-in with Stefan. GENERAL HOSPITAL Michael surprised Nelle. Sonny received good news. Chase came clean. Peter cautioned Obrecht. Maxie was conflicted. Nelle turned on the charm. Sonny reassured Carly. Franco's fears were assuaged. Julian opened up to Kim. Josslyn sought to make amends. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Victor and Nick's custody battle for Christian raged on, with both sides meeting with the social worker who would decide the case. Cane's Fourth of July spirit was dampened by Jack's plans to unearth Phillip. BY GEORGE DICKIE Joshua Morrow stars as Nicholas Newman on "The Young and the Restless" weekdays on CBS. 3 x 3" ad appalachian funeral home Come visit to see our newly renovated facilities 800 E. Watauga Ave., Johnson City, TN • Phone: 423-928-6111 Jeff Taylor* Gene Deaton* Earl Gouge* Kevin Bowman Licensed Funeral Director David Mathes Licensed Funeral Director Spencer Blevins* Travis Dugger Licensed Funeral Director Appalachian Funeral Home & Cremation ServiCeS *Not a licensed funeral director.

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